INVT AC Drive: GD200


INVT AC Drive: GD200

Downloads: GD200 User Manual , GD200 Catalogue


Product can achieve more accurate motor autoturning and provide excellent motor drive performance.

Product’s design strictly follows IEC national standards and has passed the CE certification test of international authority TÜV SÜD.
Product uses riveting structure design. Built-in C3 filter(standard). EMC performance is even more outstanding, enhances its reliability to meet the requirement of electromagnetic environment adaptability.
1.5 – 30KW inverter built-in brake unit. The whole series standard keypad supports parameters copy function.
Plugable terminal board makes convenient for replacement and maintenance for the users.
Product supports common DC bus and supports DC input power supply. Can provide DC braking, dynamic braking, and flux braking methods. And includes many functions such as a simple water supply and instantaneous power failure non- stop .
Book structure with independent air-duct design. Supports wall mounting, flange mounting , floor mounting, providing the customer a more reliable and economic installation.

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The Goodrive200 inverter adopts DSP control system platform and uses Speed sensorless vector control technology.Compatible with many types of protection methods. Can be used with asynchronous motors, Providing excellent driving performance. The product’s air duct design, hardware configuration, and software capabilities all greatly improve the customer usability and environmental availability.


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