IGBT 7MBR75VN120-50


IGBT 7MBR75VN120-50

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The IGBT Module (S Series) with low V(Collector Emitter) and Compact Package is compeletly compatible with PC board mount. all the series are convertor diode bridge.

The Application is Inverter for motor drice, AC and DC servo drive ampilifier and Uninterruptible power supply

توضیحات محصول

Collector-Emitter voltage: 1200V

Gate-Emitter voltage: ±۲۰V

              Collector Current

        Condition                         Rating

Continuous T=25°C                     ۷۵A

۱ms             T=25°C                     ۱۵۰A

Collector Power Dissipation: 280W


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