GPS Module: Linx R4

Linx R4

GPS Module: Linx R4

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The R4 Series GPS receiver module is a self-contained high-performance GPS receiver ideal for the engineer looking for an easy way to add GPS to their product. Based on the SiRF-IV chipset, it provides exceptional sensitivity, even in dense foliage and urban canyons. The module’s very low power consumption helps maximize runtimes in battery-powered applications. With over 200,000 effective correlators, the R4 Series receiver can acquire and track up to 48 satellites simultaneously in just seconds, even at the lowest signal levels.

Housed in a compact reflow-compatible SMD package, the receiver requires no programming or additional RF components (except an antenna) to form a complete GPS solution. The module’s standard NMEA data output makes the R4 Series easy to integrate, even by engineers without previous RF or GPS experience. When migrating SG applications to SiRF-IV, the R4 Series can be a drop-in solution.

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توضیحات محصول

Frequency 1575.42MHz
Channels 48
RX sensitivity Tracking: -159.5dBm typical
Cold start: -144.5dBm typical
Acquisition Time Hot Start(Open Sky): <1second typical
Cold Start(CGEE): <15second typical
Operating voltage 1.17 – ۱.۸۹VDC
۱.۱۷VDC typical
Supply current Tracking: 33mA typical
Standby: 20uA typical
Architecture SiRF Star IV, GSD4e-9411
Protocol NMEA 0183 ver 3.0, SiRF Binary


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