Delta Com. Device: DVP-FPMC


Delta Com. Device: DVP-FPMC

Downloads: DVP-FPMC User Manual , Industrial Fieldbus Solutions Catalogue


Network Interface;

Transmission method: IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u.

Baudrate: 10/100M bps.

Transmission distance: 100m.

CAN Interface;

Message type: PDO, SDO, SYNC, Emergency, NMT.

Connector: Removable, 5.08mm.

Serial baudrate: 500k, 1M bps.

Power consumption: 1.7 W.

Insulation voltage: 500 V.

توضیحات محصول


For DVP-PM series PLC only.

Complies with CANopen DS301 V4.0.2 Sync, PDO, SDO and NMT.

Supports 126 asynchronous axes in CANopen DSP402 V2.1 through SDO.

Supports 4 synchronous axes in CANopen DS402 V2.1.

Built-in commands to control Delta ASDA-A2 series servo system.

PLCopen Like Function Block.


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